Are You a Woman in Your 40s, 50s or Beyond?

  • Frustrated with going round in circles?
  • Tired of putting everyone else first?
  •  Fed-up with not feeling valued?

Create the next stage of your life with 'Your Midlife Reinvention' FREE 5-Day Online Inner Retreat 

Challenge yourself, get crystal clear, be courageous and create the life YOU want 

It's never too late to thrive

 "Your Midlife Reinvention" 5 Day Online Inner Retreat

Day 1

Build Your Self-Esteem & Confidence

Confidence is an inside job. Start to value yourself and your confidence will soar

Day 2

I Matter Too

You are just as important as anyone else. Once you start believing this, other people will treat you this way too

Day 3

Choices & Change 

Making decisions can make you feel overwhelmed. Let's deal with that today

Day 4

Finding Calm

Find your inner calm  

Day 5

Make Change Easier

Sod the should's Set goals Get support

There isn’t a 'one size fits all' solution for being happy and fulfilled, but once you get rid of your emotional blocks, are clear headed and have the right tools to control and change the way you think and feel about yourself, you can be happy in your skin and have the lifestyle that you deserve.

If you are feeling dissatisfied with your life, overwhelmed, confused or uncertain about what to do next, let alone how to make it happen in this exciting and challenging time of your life - you do not need to feel this way:  

Make decisions and take action 

Start to value and feel better about yourself. Learn to balance your needs and wishes with those of other people. Get out of the overwhelm or ‘stuckness’ you are experiencing right now. Find your own inner resources. Feel clear,calm and confident


Meet Linda

Despite working as a therapist for more than 20 years, and doing lots of personal development, as I hit my 50s, I felt that I had somehow ‘lost myself’ in the hurly burly of family life. I am not the party animal, I was in my 20s, or the ambitious, career orientated person I was in my 30s. I spent my 40s bringing-up my children - being a mum and a wife…so who is this 50+ year old woman and what did I want to do next?  

And more importantly..... how could I achieve it? I have. I am now living my lfe and am really happy and fulfilled. 


By using my own personal experience and the wisdom of many mentors, along with my professional knowledge and expertise, I have designed this 5-day online workshop to help you to get clear about what you want now. It might be a small change you want to make, or a bigger, scarier one, or perhaps you don't know yet and just feel confused, disatisfied or stuck.………